Posting your resume to a public job board can be risky. You never know where your resume will show up - or who will stumble onto it. MRI of San Jose Costa Rica is not a public job board. It's a secure database accessible only to MRI recruiters. Your resume is viewed by professional career consultants who understand the importance of privacy when making a career move. Rest assured that only authorised MRI personnel have access to this database.

One-on-one with MRI Worldwide MRI San Jose Costa Rica

Making a career change is more than just a financial decision. It's a personal issue that affects your whole life. That's why our recruiters spend time getting to know you, your needs and your goals. As you develop a relationship with a recruiter, you'll have confidence in his or her ability to represent you to potential employers.

Industry specialisation

When you work with MRI San Jose Costa Rica , you are working with an industry specialist. Our recruiters work in specific industry specialties, focusing their energies on their fields of expertise. Many of our recruiters worked in their respective industries prior to joining MRI. Using that knowledge and years of recruiting experience, our career consultants can help you connect with the best companies in your industry.

Professional connections

Utilizing a network of 5,000 staffing professionals in over 1200 offices, MRI places 45,000 professionals each year in every major industry, at every level for top companies worldwide, from start-ups to Fortune 500 firms. We know the companies you want to work for.


Q. What does it cost me to work with a recruiter?

A. There is never a fee for candidates. The "cost" to a candidate, however, needs explanation.

Without exception, our search process necessitates a relationship between recruiter and candidate based on confidentiality, honesty, trust, and cooperation. Candidates must be willing to invest in the process for it to have a successful outcome.

"Investing" means making time to spend with our recruiter, interviews, preparing for interviews, being honest with your feelings and opinions, keeping your recruiter updated on your other job leads. Our goal is to ensure both candidate and employer win.

Q. How does the recruiter work? What's the process?

A. We have a process focused on preparation. We know the job, the decision makers in the search project, the culture of the organization and the reputation the company has in the marketplace.

We leverage our understanding to prepare and coach our candidates throughout the interview process. Our process is geared to ensure that from beginning to end, surprises are kept to the absolute minimum.

Q. Why is a relationship with a recruiter better than, say, searching and posting on an Internet job board?

A. Put simply, our relationships involve people working with people. We do not rely on technology to "match" a person's interest, motivations and goals to a position. A trained, experienced professional makes informed decisions based on an understanding of your needs.

Q. Will my information be used without my knowledge?

A. Our policy of confidentiality is to contact prospective candidates before sending resumes to interested employers.

Q. What about confidentiality? I don't want anyone at my present company to know I am looking.

A. Our database is propiertary and is not acessible through common web spidering technology. Candidates can profile themselves and that information is entered directly into our database for use by only the recruiters onsite with our firm.

Q. What steps do I take to begin a relationship with a recruiter?

A. To begin a relationship, we instruct candidates to first use this website to submit your resume to us. Once we review your resume and determine your strength as a candidate we then look internally and within the MRI network to identify a position that you are qualified for. If a position is identified, we contact you to discuss if you are interested in the position.

Q. How often can I expect to hear from a recruiter once I send my information?

A. The nature of our business dictates that we must talk to, and network with, large numbers of people to identify the proper number of qualified, motivated candidates ready to accept a new position.

We often cannot touch base with every candidate submitting their information. Sales Consultants of Costa Rica uses email frequently to continue communication and to stay in touch with our network of candidates. We urge all of our candidates to stay in touch with their recruiter and continue to visit our web site. Please always notify us if your phone number or email has changed.

Q. What industries do you support?

A. Please refer to the "About Us" section for the industries we support.

Q. What is the process for finding qualified candidate?

A. We fact-find and prepare. Our goal is to understand the job, the company, the decision makers and their personalities. We study the culture of the company and its position in the marketplace. We use this understanding to prepare and coach both the client and the candidate throughout the interview and offer process.

Q. What is the cost to the client?

A. Our service fees are based on our level of commitment demonstrated by the client to fill the position and on a number of parameters directly dependant to the search project. We work closely with our clients, listen and then determine our clients sense of urgency, time expectations, number of positions and other variables. The client pays our fees after the candidate is hired.

Q. Why should I work with a Recruiter?

A. We specialize in specific industries and markets. We build relationships with clients. Most jobs are not posted or advertised. When you work with an MRI Recruiter, you're working with the largest search and recuiting firm in the world. We have a network that we can call on worldwide and request assistance from 1,100 other offices and over 3,500 Recruiters. This is our core business and we offer our services to our clients to find top talent while providing the highest level of personalized search and recruiting in the industry.

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