Use Of Latest Technologies

1. Consulting & Placement Solutions (CAPS): Software & Hardware. Incorporates the functionality and workflow of our search and recruiting business with current Windows technology. (Plans, Files/Tracks/Locates/Searches-Companies, Clients, Contacts, Candidates)

2. Search Expo: Company Data Source to identify, locate and contact competitors. Used for Search and Recruiting. For example, when we research your company at your location(s) we find your competitors listed for your industry to recruit top performers.

3. MRI Proprietary Network: Can contact MRI owners directly from over 1000 offices using proprietary sharing network. Used to request candidates/share candidates for tough assignments. When you use my firm you have direct access to the Owners and their Candidates for over 1000 offices and 3500 Recruiting Specialists. Contains proprietary information and training on all Recruiting subjects. Developed and continuously improved since 1965.

4. MRI Proprietary Website: Contains proprietary information and training on all Search and Recruiting subjects. Developed and continuously improved since 1965.

5. MRI Recruiter Village: MRI proprietary Company only site containing confidential candidates.

6. Video Conferencing: ConferView is one of the world's largest privately owned videoconferencing networks with over 400 sites nationwide. Your company could save time and money using our network (airfare, hotel, car, per diem, etc)

7. Website: Operated by Netopia:

8. Comdial Digital Phone System with TriVium Software

9. Recruiting Desks: All have HP Computers /HP Printers/HP Fax with Windows Operating system and using PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Outlook. Large HP Server.

10. Advertising: MRI is one of the largest Wall Street Journal Advertisers, we can save your company up to 50-60% on a 1/8 page Ad.

11. Immigration/Visa's : Partnered with Kruase & Associates, Inc., to quickly and economically achieve Visa's.

12. Internet Job Boards and Resume Services: CareerBuilder, Monster, Resume Contracted service providers used when needed/requested.

13. Background Investigations/Drug Tests: Partnered with ChoicePoint, providing Nationwide coverage for candidate background investigations and drug tests.

14. SelecSys or Caliper for Profiling Candidates: Quick results.

15. Salary Wizard: Assist in determining salary in different regions of the county.

16. Relocation Service: Partnered with FAS Relocation Network, an MRI exclusive relocation service provider. Last year, FAS helped 12,000 families relocate for MRI worldwide. They offer a complete menu of low cost/no cost of services for the candidate and client. They get involved early in the pre-hire process and provide: city reports, salary calculator, market analysis, moving calculator, mortgage calculators, community calculators, public school reports. To prepare for the move they provide: home marketing assistance, household goods moving assistance, expense management, buyer value option to avoid tax "gross up", guaranteed purchase offer. Finally to establish the new candidate after hire they provide: home finding assistance, special mortgage programs, rental property assistance, tax preparation and assistance and temporary living assistance.

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