Overview of Employer/Client Services

To support our Clients, we offer multiple Contracting Options:

1. Contingency Search

2. Retained Search

3. Exclusive Search

4. Flat Fee Search

5. InterExec Temporary Service: Can offer complete fulfillment for Temporary, Contracted and Temp to Permanent specialist skills. Call us to explain and discuss which Contract is most beneficial to your firm. To benefit our Clients, we offer other Related Services that you can Outsource to us. We will take care of it for you. Since we are the world's largest Search and Recruiting Company, we have negotiated volume discounts.

  • MRI Proprietary Network: Through our Office, we can contact over 1,000 other MRI Owners and their Offices and over 3,500 Recruiting Specialists using our proprietary sharing network to locate and share confidential candidates.
  • MRI Proprietary Website: Through our Office, we can access proprietary information and training on all Recruiting subjects. Developed and continuously improved since 1965.
  • MRI Recruiter Village: Through our Office, we can access MRI's Proprietary "Company Only Site" containing confidential candidates.
  • Background Investigation/SSNV a)Add on Services (Motor Vehicle Record, Education Verification, Employment Verification, Credit Report, References, Statewide Search, Federal Civil Litigation, Workers Compensation, OIG/GSA, OFAC, National Criminal File, Felony & Misdemeanor).
  • Drug Testing: Includes specimen collection, laboratory analysis, adulterant testing, laboratory supplies, collection kit shipment and coordination, collection site identification and coordination, Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry confirmation of positives, Medical Review Officer review and reporting of test results, Overnight shipment of samples to the testing laboratory.

6. Candidate Profile:

  • SelecSys: Unlimited profiles of Candidates as a service to you after receipt of signed contract.
  • Caliper:

7. VISA's:

  • L1-A/L1-B
  • H1B
  • Dependant Visa L-2/H4 8) ConferView (400 sites Nationwide):

ConferView is one of the world's largest privately owned videoconferencing networks with over 400 sites nationwide. Your company could save time and money using our network (airfare, hotel, car, per diem, etc)

9. FAS Relocation Service: Complete menu of low/no cost services to client and candidate. Process starts at Pre-hire stage and concludes after hire and move. FAS helped 12,000 families last year for MRI.

10. Advertising-Wall Street Journal 1/8 Page: For each Ad, up to 3 positions per Ad, $80K salary minimum, 200 word max, 175 word recommendation.

11. Posting Jobs on Contracted Internet Boards (If requested).

12. Salary Wizard: Determine Candidate Salary

13. Use of our latest Seach and Recruiting Technologies:

  • Consulting & Placement Solutions (CAPS): Software & Hardware. Incorporates the functionality and workflow of our recruiting business with current Windows technology. (Plans, Files/Tracks/Locates/Searches-Companies, Clients, Contacts, Candidates)
  • Search Expo: Company Data Source to identify, locate and contact competitors. Used for Recruiting. For example, when we research your company at your location(s) we find your competitors listed for your industry to recruit top performers.

International and Worldwide Staffing

MRI of San Jose Costa Rica can help you negotiate the intricacies of the international business community, source and recruit the best talent, and develop appropriate compensation packages. Through our network of MRI offices around the world, we provide comprehensive staffing services for your international needs.

  • Executive Search. We recruit top-level, senior-executive candidates with backgrounds matched specifically to key positions using a retained search approach.
  • Management Search. We recruit candidates for key mid-management and professional positions.
  • Compensation Consulting. We can recommend appropriate compensation levels for specific job categories around the world.
  • Human Resource Consulting. We can provide management audits, assessments and career planning based on your objectives.
  • Management Consulting. We offer strategic planning, organizational reviews and financial, operations and compensation assessment studies.
  • Interim Staffing. We can place executives, managers and professionals in high-level interim assignments. Knowledge is power~as worldwide business opportunities increase, our clients benefit from working with the knowledgeable international staffing experts in the global MRI network. Through this network, we can answer your sensitive questions, advise on strategic planning issues and deliver first-hand information on complex international business issues that affect your global staffing picture. It's just one more reason to use the power of MRI as the exclusive source for all your staffing needs.

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