Employer/Client Questions

Q. Why use our firm as your Recruiter?

A. Time: Our business is search, recruiting & placement. We have years of experience in the perils and pitfalls of the hiring process. We can help steer you clear of the potholes.

A. Cost: How much is lost while your position sits open? How have your competitors gained during this time? Our search projects follow this formula: We concentrate on the search, you concentrate on your business and then select from the choice candidates we present. Measuring the Return on Investment (ROI) vs. the cost per hire against other hiring methods, our worth is apparent.

A. Service: Our belief is that the key to long-term, successful business relationships is through a complete understanding of the customer's priorities, needs, and expectations. Our success comes from providing timely, consistent, worthwhile service again and again.

Our core business is service to our clients that saves time and is cost effective.

Q. Does your search firm specialize in any industries?

A. We offer expertise in a number of industries. Each search is managed by an experienced professional, usually with a prior track record in the industry. He/She can use the MRI proprietary sharing network and research staff as needed to support large projects.

Q. How do you find qualified candidates?

A. Our process is focused on listening, fact finding and preparation. It is our goal to understand, in total, our target. We need to know your definition of the job and its requirements/challenges. We seek to understand about the decision makers and their personalities. We will ask about the culture of the organization. We will research the reputation the company has in the marketplace. We leverage that understanding to prepare and coach both client and candidate throughout the interview and hiring process. Our process is geared to ensure that from beginning to end, surprises are kept to the absolute minimum.

Q. What's the cost associated with your service?

A. Our service fees are based on the level of committment demonstrated by the client to fill the position and on a number of parameters directly related to the search project. We recommend using our process. After determining the client's level of urgency, time to fill, number of positions open, and other specifications. The fee is paid once you hire a candidate.

Q. Why is working with a recruiter any better than the great many other services available today?

A. We specialize, we search, find and recruit the best fit for your open position. Executive search and recruitment is our core business. We are not consultants that offer search in our "bundle of services." We focus 100% of our time and effort providing our clients with the highest level of personalized search and recruitment in the industry.

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